Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Challenges of Staying Home

It's true that if I truly stayed home all day I'd probably get a fair amount of laundry and cleaning done. But then there would be the constant toys to pick up and, more importantly, my kids would not have my presence. And this is something I want very much. It's the entire reason I made this choice to begin with.

The biggest challenge for me is that I like to go OUT. I like to do things. I love that being "home" with my kids everyday means that I can go do things on the weekdays that would be busy and crowded on the weekends. Especially with homeschooling my older daughter, I love taking her to do things like museums and field trips and going to interesting places where we can learn together. 

And then, as a homeschooling mom, there are so many wonderful things to do within easy driving distance that it's hard for me not to spread myself too thin. Then there is the added pressure of wanting to get my daughter some time to play with other kids, homeschool learning clubs, park days, and homeschool private classes; when will I have the time to actually be home?! And when I am, not be exhausted from being out all day with 2 kids?

So the challenge has become how do I balance the fun with the necessity? It's becoming clear that I can't be out every day or I lose my sanity. But I can't be home every day either. Maybe every other day go out? Then the question becomes, when do I go grocery shopping? Is there any room for me to have fun? 

I'm not sure how to strike that balance yet, but I feel like I'm getting there. Please share any strategies you use!