Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Sleep Deprivation

With my older daughter I had it down:
Put her down awake. Do some amount of sleep coaxing and she was good. Sleeping through the night 5 hours at a few weeks old, 7 hours at 2 months, and 12 shortly after that. I followed a plan and stuck to it and she did great.

Fast forward to any time I met anyone whose baby had problems sleeping and I immediately thought to myself, well, how hard is it? I did it. Make an effort.

Now I have the great pleasure of being confused and sleep deprived for 5 months. I love that God knocked me down a peg and is teaching me to get over myself and my pride. That I need him and have no right to judge.

I love when God teaches me these lessons of humility. And how wrong I am to judge others. Maybe judging us a Midwest thing? not so common here in the west. But that's for another post.

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