Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Doing it again.

We are doing it again: having another kid. Am I crazy? Well, we already know I'm pretty crazy to begin with and the last pregnancy pushed me over the edge, so I think it's safe to say yes.

But really, I'm under the watchful eye of a trained psychiatrist who is going to help me try and manage my perinatal and post partum depression this time with medication. I'm still on the Zoloft and a few other things and he and all my doctors are keeping an eye on me and the meds to make sure both me and the baby are safe.

I'm 9 weeks something and so far the second time is way easier than the first. Well, easier mentally. Physically probably a bit more challenging. I've been nauseous more intensely, but for a shorter period of time. My boobs hurt as much as the first time around and it's been harder to take care of myself because of the older child. None of these are surprising. I think I find myself more annoyed by pregnancy this time around, just because I don't have time to pamper myself like I did the first time around. And I know how much worse it gets. And I know how awesome it is when the baby comes out and I'm super impatient.

And I'm already showing a bit. And indigested all the time. But my big girl is so excited to become a big sister! And that is so fun.


Anna 9:28 PM  

Good luck on this new journey! I know I am super happy to get to have another niece/nephew, but I hope mentally things are better for you this time.

My best friend took her zoloft during her second pregnancy, and experienced no PPD her second time around.