Friday, May 16, 2014

My Body is... Confused.

I started out this pregnancy freezing cold. And I mean FREEZING cold. A few weeks ago, our house was 74 degrees and I was huddled up with a blanket. When it got to 84 later that day, I finally felt comfortable enough to remove the blanket.

It's clear to me that pre-pregnancy, I was getting back to feeling cold all the time after having been through 4ish years of pregnancy and post-partum raging hormones which kept me warm. When winter started this year (and, keep in mind, "winter" here is in the 40s and 50s), I ordered silk base layers because I was literally wearing 3-5 layers on top on any given day. No matter how much sun there was, no matter how much time I spent indoors. No matter how much time I went outside and exercised to warm up.

Then I got pregnant and hoped I'd be warm again. To the contrary, I got even colder. When the temperature inside reached below 74 degrees, I felt very, very cold. When it dips down to 65 inside, I am beyond uncomfortable. Multiple layers, warm sweaters, heavy blankets, and a heating pad barely help.

The last 3 days we've had a heatwave. It's been nice and toasty in the house. Then today it dipped down all the way to 71 inside. Brrrrrrrrrr. But now it's 73 and I'm sweating. And, I must say, I'm... confused. Am I hot? or Am I cold? Did my system need a heat jump-start or am I finally reaching the point where I'm warm again in pregnancy? At any rate it is weird to be shivering at 71 degrees and sweating at 73.... so yeah. Confused. Anyone else have this problem?