Monday, March 10, 2014

Younique Fiber Mascara Review

My friend started selling this mascara and I thought I'd give it a try and share the results with you!

What: mascara and green tea fibers that you alternate putting on your lashes to build them longer and thicker. Comes with 2 separate wands: gel (looks like regular black mascara) and fibers (don't be intimidated! They go on just like mascara).

How: I will admit I was intimidated at first. But then I watched this video my friend posted and I gave it a try and it was so easy! Just put on the gel, then the fiber, then the gel and repeat to build up you lashes to your liking. I love that you can build up the lashes as long and thick as you like. Here are the results:

Before - No makeup!

Left eye has 3 builds, right eye has none.

After 3 builds!
What do you think? Looks good? For more info you can go here!