Monday, February 27, 2012

I Subscribe to the Bribery Method of Parenting

I thought my darling child would easily come when I call, react with
an enthusiastic, "okay!" whenever I told her we were going somewhere
and rush to the door, waiting patiently for her coat and shoes. Ha!
That is a true fantasy.

Instead to get her to do much as get a diaper change it's a mix
between begging and a hog tie (I assume. I have no idea what a hog tie
actually is). We coax, we reason, we tell her what fun things will
happen if she does this one thing. We ask, we tell, we threaten
timeouts, we do timeouts, we demonstrate, but in the end some form of
bribery is usually what works.

If she gets in the car she can play one iPad game. If she takes a bath
she can have an extra story time. If she eats a good dinner she can
have a graham cracker. If she sits at her chair she can have fruit. If
she cleans up she can watch 10 minutes of tv. If she stays in her
stroller we can go to the park.

It's. Friggin'. Constant. I don't know how else to get her to do
things sometimes! She's stubborn and if I have to force her, which no
one likes,even then it sometimes doesn't work! *sigh* for some reason
nearly every situation feels like survival and bribery is the one
thing that works!

So yes, I subscribe to the coax/bribe/threaten method of parenting.
Not ashamed to admit it, but happily will take suggestions on other
ways to get your kid to do things!