Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How Can I Bear to Make this Face Sad?

We are having some issues with day care. I thought it would be all fun
and games for my girl, bit the transition has been really hard on

She just doesn't like going. The mere mention of it this morning
reduced her to tears and permanent hugs. She was so so so so sad.
She's having trouble sleeping and regressing a little. And she just
doesn't want to go.

How do I know when enough is enough? How do I know how much is her
personality and how much might be the place itself? She seems to do
fine when she's there but just gets so sad at the thought.


Anna 9:21 PM  

Oh my goodness she is so adorable! I love love love her!

As for the daycare thing I'm so sorry this is happening! I wish I had some advice. I have the opposite problem.

Wilson throws tantrums because he wants to stay and play and doesnt want to leave. Which makes me feel bad, like I deprive him or something.

I hope you guys figure something out! I don't wanna see a sad face!

Anonymous 1:53 PM  

I have a couple of questions...how does she act once she gets there - during the drop off part? How long has she been going? What is her reaction if she is going to be left with someone other than daycare?

It could go either way. Each child is different but if it has been a few weeks and she still isn't happy - but can be left with other people happily then you may want to consider looking for a new place? Most of all follow your heart and your instinct. Noone knows better than Mommy!

Love Ya,