Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Been Awhile Since I Felt Rejected


The layers of complex issues between my mother and me have caused a permanent rift that will probably always exist unless we go to counseling. But since we live states away it will probably never happen.

I can learn to forgive, accept, and coexist. But I am terrified that I will pass along the disfunction I suffered to my child.

It feels like I'm coming to yet another crisis of self. Not just who I am but who I am to her and who do I need to be to ensure we don't have these issues in the future? How do I figure out what she needs and adapt? I would do literally anything to make her like me. Is that bad?


Bethany 10:14 AM  

Oh Hannah! Similar thing with my mom and I. I can't say how to make it better with our next generation, but to love them, pray for them, and just do right. That's my plan anyway.

emily 1:26 PM  

You and your mom sound like me and my mom, except she lives 20 minutes from me. I'm terrified that Jared will feel about me the same way I feel about my mom. The only thing I can do is not make the same mistakes she did. That's what I'm telling myself anyway!

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