Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It has been a whirlwind!

So if you follow this blog regularly, but you don't know me personally you've probably wondered why I haven't posted in 2 months or so. Well, I have a VERY good reason! Well, actually multiple reasons.

First, I had pnuemonia for 2 months. I was in bed for almost every day of those 2 months! It was rough. Why didn't I post with all that time in bed, you ask? Well, I was not just exhausted--so exhausted to do much of anything, including post, all my energy was going into trying to do a little work AND the next thing:

Second, we bought a house. It turned out that during the course of my illness an offer we put on a house was accepted and I managed 90% of the details (calling people, signing and sending papers, managing home improvement tasks, buying needed items for the house, and more) all from bed. So my energy, when I had it, went into that.

Third, we moved into the new house. Yes, I was still sick with pneumonia. Clearly, this means I was without internet access for a time, was busy watching my relatives pack and unpack me, doing yardwork, organizing, etc. All of which meant, blogging was the furthest from my mind!

Anyway, I'm recovered now (mostly) and things are starting to settle down a bit. The company I work for was just purchased, so there's some turbulence at work, but at least my personal life is a little less intense. We are still pretty busy with home projects and family visits, but it should be a slow summer (I hope!). That means, hopefully, I can post some of the giveaways that are stacking up in my inbox, soooooo STAY TUNED! :-)