Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just what you don't want to hear

So recently I have been feeling a little left out at work. I can't party like I used to, for one, because I have a child and, well, 10 pm feels late to me. For anothe,r I am struggling with postpartum depression and insomnia and I really have trouble doing things in the evenings after work, which basically rules out any after-work drinks. Not to mention the medications I'm on aren't supposed to be missed with alcohol. And most of my coworkers are young and single and male.

Anyway, I recently posted a question on a parents network asking if and how other people have dealt with this. The only answer I got was terrible! It was the opposite of helpful. Basically they said: it's probably all in my head. Most likely I'm reading them wrong. It's possible that the SSRIs I'm on are causing my personality to change and they are seeing me differently because my personality is now changed from all the drugs. Possibly it's permanent and I should probably stop taking them because they are so harmful.

Wow. Way to kick me when I'm down. Thanks anonymous responder! You just gave a PPD woman something more to worry about-- her personality being permanently altered-- becoming a crappier person personality-wise. Basically I'm rejectable now because of all the drugs? Thanks a lot! Fortunately I know he/she is wrong, but still... Ow!


Anna 7:46 AM  

Boo Hannah! That definitely seems like the worst "advice" ever.

If I may, you saying your co-workers are young, male, and single, that to me screams very loudly that they probably wouldn't invite you out much because yes you are: Married and have a child, and possibly because you are female, unless you see them inviting other female co-workers out.

Let's face it a single male's typical night probably involves a lot of alcohol, probably smoking of some nature, and trying to hook up with girls.

You are BY far better off not getting invited out if that's all their night consists of.