Friday, March 18, 2011

California Real Estate is like an Arranged Marriage

So I've been thinking a lot about real estate lately since we are in the process of buying our first house on the west coast (holla!) and after a recent trip to the Midwest and after watching a lot of House Hunters I would like to draw a comparison between house-hunting in the Midwest vs. house-hunting in the California market.

In the Midwest, it's like dating in the Western world. You look around, shop around, find a few you like, go back a few times, but generally, you take your time and don't bit until you are sure you are getting a good (read: much lower than asking) price. You fall in love and then take the plunge.

In California, it's like an arranged marriage. Your (excellent) real estate agent finds out exactly what you want, shows you a few places and if you like one, you bite immediately. If you wait, you may not get it. If you hold out, you may regret it. And you better sure as heck put in a good (read: higher than asking price) bid if you really think you want it. Basically you take the plunge and fall in love (or regret) later.

It's two different worlds, but in the end hopefully good results. So far our arranged marriage house seems like we will stay in love for a long time!