Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wardrobe Trial and Error

So, I attempted to modify a pair of my regular jeans (well, sort of, they are actually new jeans I bought in a size larger than I normally wear so that I could wear them until I needed maternity clothes) so that I could wear them throughout my pregnancy.

I wanted to do it so that I could turn them back into regular jeans later with just a seam ripper and/or some scissors. So, I covered the zipper area with black stretchy fabric.

For the most part, it worked. It took some trying on and trying on again to make sure they didn't stretch too much, weren't too bulky, etc. The hardest part was trying to cover up the button and make the top part lie smooth. Apparently, when you keep the zipper splayed open, either side of the zipper points straight upward. Sooo... that means it's tough to cover them, and, in the end, I wasn't able to.

I'm wearing them now, and I'll admit the bumpiness around the button and buttonhole area bothers me, but not so badly that I can't wear them. The big benefit of this is that I can wear them with a belt, so while these would probably fall down and my maternity jeans are definitely falling down, I can wear a belt to keep these babies up. As long as I don't accidentally fasten it too tight, which I already experienced earlier today.

Big con? The zipper goes pretty much all the way to the crotch. So the top I'm wearing needs to go down about that far too. Works great now when maternity shirts are still hanging low. Not so great later in the pregnancy when they are up higher because they are tight against my belly. Guess then I won't be able to wear the pants or I'll have to wear a dress over them or something.

What a learning experience. If you want a true fashion challenge, try dressing a pregnant woman. Better yet, try making or altering clothes for a pregnant woman. It is not as easy as you would think!