Monday, October 12, 2009

All the new maternity clothes I've bought! Great deals!

So apparently I love the brands Babystyle and Michael Stars Maternity, because that's what I've been buying tons of lately!

First, I went on and found a motherload of fabulous designer maternity clothes! I found two Michael Stars maternity shirts for ~$15 each, which normally retail for $50+! So awesome! They are also brand new without tags, so I think this is a total score:

I also found another retailer who sold lots of fabulous NICE, New with and without tags maternity clothes. I found this Babystyle hoodie (normally $78):

This Molly New York maternity dress/tunic top (normally $168):

And, my absolute favorite (I was looking for one of these for forever, but figured I couldn't afford it, so I'm knitting my own. But then I found this and was like, heck yeah I'll get it!), a Babystyle CASHMERE sweater (original price $198) for ~$30! Looks really nice too, with beading at the neckline. Can't wait to wear this a ton!

Then, I went to a second-hand maternity clothing sale near my house and found another Michael Stars top, looks similar to the one below, only in a denim blue color for $22.

And, I found a dress by Babystyle (not on purpose, I swear!) for only $9! It looks similar to this one. It's a basic black, sleeveless dress that fits me perfectly! It will be great for all occasions--work, casual, and fancy that I might need to go to!

All I have left to get are some basic black and white long sleeved and sleeveless shirts and my shopping will be complete!


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