Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I want a new haircut!

I need a new hairstyle. My hair dye is fading fast and my hair is seriously damaged at the ends. I think it's time to try a new cut to get rid of some of the damage. And I'd like to cut a fairly significant portion off. In a little while I think I'll color it darker again, too. But not for awhile.

So, I was thinking something like these. I'm limited in the selection of hairstyles, because I'm way too lazy to straighten my hair (although, maybe I would if there was less of it) and it will be a mighty mess if I get anything too layered or unlayered or not designed for anything but curly or wavy hair. Sooo... what do you think? Could I pull any of these off?

PC: hairstyles-haircuts.net; zimbio.com


emily 12:34 PM  

Hey babe, try going to www.instyle.com ==> Makeover

I've never actually done but, but I keep meaning to!