Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I Like Feminine Fashion Better...

Who What Wear Daily put out their July summer story today and it's a perfect example of why I'm finding myself disinterested in fashion lately. I know you must be surprised. But I realized it this week: I like feminine fashion better.

A few years ago I would have thanked my lucky stars if fashion = casual wear. But I now realize that fashion's appeal for me is more than putting together a work of art. I want a work of art that is difficult, requires new forms or the creative adaptation of the old. It is an item-by-item build of a masterpiece, that, when complete, brings out the beauty and magnificence of the wearer, while managing to be incredibly current at the same time. To me, fashion is glamor. Expense. Beauty. The form of the body.

Fashion right now seems to be about menswear and dressing down. Womenswear looks androgynous. I do find this kind of fashion interesting and inspiring. To a point. And then, I seek the feminine, the beauty, and the drawing out of the female figure, not hiding or masking it. This is why I hate 80's fashion so much. I HATE big baggy clothes that take away from the beauty of the body, which, of itself, is a work of art. What do you think? Is fashion getting too casual? Or is there inspiration to be drawn from it that I may not have tapped yet?

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