Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Support Eco-Fashion: LauraLaura & Kristinit

Since I'm so passionate about DIY, reuse, and handmade goods, I thought I'd showcase a couple lines that do just that. After all, I want you all to support me when I do it someday, right? The first, LauraLaura, is a designer in the UK who uses unwanted items to make new great items. Don't you love it? Not too pricey either. She has some earrings and bangles along with this fun knitwear:

Another one, Kristinit, is available online and in some stores on the West Coast, Florida, and Texas. It's a bit pricey, but as it's a small label, it's not too surprising. What is amazing though is that it is GORGEOUS stuff! I mean look at the detail on these dresses!

Many of the other items have very fun, flowing lines. You can see more here. I really admire the innovation without being too outrageous. While the clothes aren't exactly upcycled, they are eco-concious, using organic fabrics, local manufacturers, and fair trade. If you've gotta buy new, you might as well buy responsible, right?

PC: LauraLaura.net, Kristinit.com


Anonymous 4:13 PM  

I really like that cute jacket with the anchor. And I really like the reuse and re-love thing she's got going.