Wednesday, April 08, 2009

An Outfit post!

I really liked my outfit today and because I couldn't get Husband to take a pic of me I took my own in the giant mirrors of Blockbuster.

I am wearing flats here, but previously I was wearing stilettos that looked pretty similar so I tried to stand on my toes a bit so you'd get the idea.

Top: Vintage silk pleated top from a clothing swap, $0
Skirt: Bebe corduoroy (sp?) pencil skirt, $5 (yep, that's right. I found it in their outlet store. Go me!)
Shoes: These are flats by Diesel. The other ones that look similar were by Amada Smith. Both probably cost around $30.
Necklace: Forever 21, $5
Earrings: Purchased on Ebay in a vintage lot, $1 or so for this particular pair
Watch: Betsey Johnson, about $15 after discounts
IPhone: Prepurchased in anticipation of winning the bet in only 5 more days!!!! YAY! So pretty, right? Refurbished from AT&T store, $299
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