Monday, April 13, 2009

Victory! A New Iphone and a Bourbon & Branch celebration!

I WON! That's right. I spent no money for 32 days and earned myself a new iPhone! YAY!

To celebrate, I went out to Bourbon & Branch with some friends. Bourbon and Branch is an original speakeasy from the 1920s in San Francisco. It is still intact-- in it's somewhat original format with hidden doors and gorgeous 1920s decor.

You need a password to get in and there's no sign on it--other than the Anti-Saloon League sign in the picture above. The phone number isn't listed and the password changes every day. They only serve Prohibition cocktails, including many forgotten ones with liquors rarely available today, but popular during Prohibition. Pretty cool, right? It was a great time!

(Above) Grace and I at Bourbon and Branch -- you aren't supposed to take pics and we got in trouble for taking this one... oops!

My outfit:

Dress: Erin Featherston for Target--on clearance, $20
Jacket: Old Navy (like 3 years ago), $5
Necklace: Vintage glass beaded necklace from the 1930s - my grandmothers, $0
Earrings: Vintage crystal and stainless steel earrings, part of a vintage Ebay lot, ~$1


That one dude with the funny hat named Andrew, that really never wears hats.. 5:09 PM  

You didn't wear shoes?

Anonymous 11:13 PM  

You are so beautiful, Hannah dear.