Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Ode to My Blonde Hair

Dear hair, blonde hair,
Why did you betray me?

I look back on the wonderful times.
We've been through a lot: red, roots, and bleach. Now, color.
We've had so much fun. You defined me somewhat.
At first, I was cautious and each time I would try to pull away
You would convince me, "No. Just one more time."

You brightened my face and my day.
I could wear pinks and reds and amazing colors.
You looked good curly and were so pretty.
Just as I was getting used to you,
And starting to like you (dare I say love?), you leave.

You refuse to go on. I beg and plead and cry and still
You say no.
Why do you leave me like this?
Torn, broken, orange, green, and gray?
Why must you force me, oh hair, to go back to the way things were?
I'm not ready to go back. Not just yet.
Don't make me.
But you do.

Well, fine. If this is the end,
I don't need you! I never did.
I wanted to go back anyway.
It's cheaper and I can do it myself.
I'll show you, blonde hair.
I don't need you and I never did!

But I'll miss you...