Friday, February 13, 2009

Back to Fashion and Knitting--and I need some help from you guys!

So, just wanted to show you a little of what I've been working on lately (mostly knitting)...

This is a sweater I finished recently. I used Stephanie Japel's Boobholder as a guide for the start and then completed it all the way down. I used cheapy yarn for it: Lion Brand Wool Ease, which actually looks pretty nice, I think. See the gold rope thing on the sweater? I want to put that on the sweater as accent, but I cannot figure out how! Any ideas? I thought about getting water-soluble stabilizer to put underneath the knit and using my sewing machine. I could hand sew it, but that's a pain in the tushy. And I could use an iron-on glue thing, but that seems lame and risky.... Ideas? Help!

Above, is a pair of Blackrose socks from the most recent Knitty issue. I made them with Elann Peruvian Baby Silk which is an Alpaca Silk blend. And, OMG, this yarn is AMAZING! Soooo soft and warm. I cannot believe how luxurious! And it knit up beautifully. The pattern was pretty easy. I did the heel and toe the way I normally do it from a universal pattern I got long ago, but otherwise they knitted up nicely!

(Had to delete the picture... Tell you why later)

The second item is a baby sweater I'm designing/creating for Origany, the organic children's clothing line I'm working on! Cute, no? It's made of Alpaca. Still nice, but not as nice as the Alpaca/Silk!

Some scrubby dishcloths I've been experimenting with... I think I like these a lot!
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Anonymous 3:21 AM  

Your knits are beautiful--love the new sweater and socks!
Guess who??? bjb