Monday, January 19, 2009

What's goin' on with me these days...

Sooo... you may have noticed fewer posts from me in the last few days and far fewer posts from me about sewed items. That's because I'm busy as a bee trying to keep all my sewing straight!

Husband and I are looking for a house and I'm hoping we will find something great that will give me a bada** sewing room and studio. Hopefully something partly separate from the house, even, so I could use it as a business someday!

In the midst of that, I took on an internship working as a children's clothing designer. We are designing for a show that takes place in about 6-8 weeks, so I have finished most of the design ideas and am coordinating with the person who will do all the tech specs and such in India. I'm designing and knitting baby sweaters for the line, too, so that's taking up a bit of time!

I'm also probably going to volunteer/intern for a company called A Miner Miracle. It's a nonprofit that gives job training to low income women and then, to prepare for the interview, allows them to pick out a suit or nice dress clothes for the interview. It's a fantastic organization and they run a FABULOUS store (where I'll be interning/volunteering) near Union Square in San Francisco. They get brand new items only (nothing pre-owned)--designer and department store brands either for free from places like Ann Taylor and that they purchase from major label suppliers and sell for very cheap. They even have a sample sale every month or so with designer items from $2-25 for the really expensive stuff! Check them out if you are ever there. Especially if you want new high-quality clothes (same season as dept stores) for super cheap! I'll give them a review later, if you want!

I'm also working as a volunteer costume designer for an Easter production my church puts on every year. Last year I was in it, but as I don't have much time this year, I thought costumes would give me something relevant to fashion to do. The production has 100-200 cast members with 2+ costumes each, so we have to measure, design, sew, embellish, and fit multiple costumes for all those people. Should be interesting. I'm one of about 15 costume people!

And last, but not least, I'm finishing up my pattern drafting class. It is really interesting and I hope to take away a knowledge of couture that I can use to create custom garments for myself and others. So far, so good. It's really not as bad as I thought.

And, I'm still trying to read all my books so I can learn tailoring techniques and I've got some sewing projects I'm working on too! Ack!