Monday, January 19, 2009

Store Review: Loehmann's

This is yet another store I hadn't heard of living in Indiana. And, I admit, the name of this one through me off. "Low-man's?" Yeah. Right. Sounds like, "Cheap mart." So, you understand my surprise when I discovered it was anything but.

I am consistently impressed by Loehmann's prices. And, let me stress the word consistent. Sometimes when I walk into a designer discount store I can sometimes find good deals. And other times, nothing. But, with Loehmann's, I always see excellent deals.

The stores are almost always neat and tidy. If you hate hunting for bargains, Loehmann's is for you. You see nicely organized racks of merchandise (and lots of it) organized by the merchandise (not size like TJ Maxx), like in a department store. If you like bargain hunting, there are plenty of clearance racks with extra deals on them and, right now, you can find lots more deals on top of deals, like an extra 10% off clearance and such. If you sign up for the Loehmann's card (which works like your grocery store card--gives you points, but isn't a credit card), you get 15% off on your next purchase, plus you get to earn points. I have yet to spend enough to get a reward, but I'll keep you posted on that.

As for deals: this store sells ONLY designer items. And, I mean, designer. Not brands. Designer. Sometimes people get them confused. Here you will find BCBG, Dolce and Gabanna, True Religion, Seven for All Mankind, Juicy Couture, etc. You will find everything from low end designers like Betsey Johnson and Ann Taylor up to the extremely expensive ones like DVF, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, and Vera Wang. You will find most of the expensive designer items are dresses in their famous "Back Room." But you can find the occasional non-dress items around.

If you like designer denim, this is the best possible place for it. I consistently see amazing deals on all the big names: True Religion, Seven for All Mankind; Paper, Denim, and Cloth; Joe's Jeans; Hudson; J Brand; etc. Usually they are under $100. Sometimes, they are as low as $30. Depends on the style and size. Usually they have an excellent range of sizes. Their lowest denim "brands" are Lucky and other higher-end Junior's brands, like Free People.

The only thing lacking in Loehmann's is a better shoe selection. The stores I've been to--even big ones--have an okay selection. And, if the selection is good, the deals aren't as great as other places. But, hey, you might get lucky, and the deals are certainly MUCH lower than if you were going to buy them at full retail!

Bottom line: 5/5 stars. The best things to buy in Loehmann's are jeans, casual wear, handbags, jewelry, and designer anything (especially dresses). Overall, I give this store 5/5 stars for consistency, neatness, excellent deals, and an overall fabulous shopping experience.

Happy shopping!