Friday, January 23, 2009

It always comes back to knitting...

Have you guys seen this free scarf pattern from Lion Brand yarn? It's AMAZING! Can you imagine it in a bunch of colors? I just got a catalog from them in the mail. I found this amazing pattern in it!

So, now that I'm super into sewing, my knitting has somewhat taken a backseat. But, it's important to remember that knitting is still an important part of fashion design. Not only does it teach you better construction skills and much, MUCH more about how to work with knitted and all fabrics in general, but, by itself, it's very practical. Heck! You can knit and design sweaters!

As you know, I've designed several sweaters for myself, but now I'm undertaking my first fairly complicated design for Origany, the children's clothing line. I'm not only designing the pattern, but knitting up the first swatch. And, oh how I love it! Of course, I've been knitting for awhile, and I just finished a sweater I have to put some finishing touches on. But, all this has rekindled the love and I struggle finding time to do everything! I'm sort of on hiatus with sewing right now until my class is over and can help me figure out my fit problems on commercial patterns. Once I have my sloper, I'll be able to do some serious sewing damage and desing. Until then, I <3 knitting!


Mamma Waldher 11:50 PM  

I'll take this scarf!!! Love it!!!