Monday, January 26, 2009

Seriously major score: Anthropologie pants for $3.50!

Um, yeah, seriously. So, I am promptly writing a review for this store, Jeremy's, in San Francisco and Berkely that I just learned about and visited this weekend. OMG! OMG! OMG!A friend told me about it and said it was a store where you could buy designer items for super, super cheap. When I went, they told me they get the overstock, the slightly damaged goods, previously worn-once-on-the-runway goods, samples, etc. And they sell them extremely and I mean EXTREMELY cheap. So, for shoes, they have a LOT of sizes runway models would wear, like 8, 9, 10, and up. And designer clothing, same thing, size 2 ande 4. If you have small feet, boo, but big footed girls who have trouble finding rad shoes, SCORE!

I'll save the rest for the review, but they had a 50% off already-reduced merchandise and I was upstairs perusing one of the many reduced merchandise racks when I came upon a large number of racks with clothing under $10 (before the extra 50% off). I saw some pants that were cute and looked fairly comfortable, found my size, tried them on and hooray! They fit. I got 2 pairs, one in black and one in a brownish khaki color. And, guess what? They were $7 plus 50% off, so $3.50 each! OMG! I didn't recognize the brand and no one there could tell me what the brand/designer was, so I went online and found out they are Anthropologie pants, normally in the range of $118! WOO HOO! Major score! They look just like the pants above, but with a slightly different closure and different colors. Amazing, right? You MUST check out this store if you like bottom-bargain deals on designer duds! WOO HOO!