Monday, December 01, 2008

Made a decision...

You all remember the "Fashion is Exhausting" post I made? Well, I finally decided! YAY! Only took me like 3 weeks...

I decided on the above shoes in brown. I decided I have way too many shoes in black and I'd already sort of met the black oxford/bootie trend with this pair of patent shoes I got in August. SOOOOO... here we are. :-) I returned the other ones to DSW and they paid me $8 to give them back.

Story: My first receipt was $43 for 2 pairs of shoes and when I returned the black oxfords the lady was like, "Okay, $85 will go back on your card." and I'm like, "Wait, as much as I'd love for you to put more back on my card, that's not right." So she doubled checked it and the total back on my card became $51. And I'm like, "That's still too much." She did some more checking and decided it was right... Sooo... not only did I end up getting the above $200+ shoes for free, I got paid to take them off their hands!

Oh, and I'm gonna stay blonde. It's huge next spring. :-)