Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Does anyone else find fashion exhuasting sometimes?

*Sigh* Lately I've just been trying oh so hard to figure it out! Here's the dilemna: I have too many shoes, so I'm trying not to buy too many. You all know I just bought those gorgeous Tory Burch Boots and the Marc Jacobs flats and that was after I recently found a pair of Jessica Simpson brown heels at DSW for like $8 and then a really awesome pair of vintage oxford flats for $8 at a thrift store. Soooo... I'm trying to cut back. But, I had these coupons at DSW and one thing I definitely don't have for fall are some oxfords. I already bought at least 2 pairs and returned them. They just weren't right for me. So, when I found some at DSW for (final cost after coupons) $15, I couldn't resist. They look like these below, but with only not patent with the toes and heels made of croc-like leather with fabric on the rest of it and lace-up instead of buckles (couldn't find a pic online anywhere):

Then, I also found this pair of sandals (below). They are Z by Sergio Zelcer originally more than $160, down to about $10 after all the coupons. Oh, and mine are brown. I wouldn't normally buy sandals, especially this time of year, but I just got rid of a couple of mine that I never wore and noticed another pair breaking and, well, these are just so trendy, or at least they were trendy. So I don't want to keep both pairs of shoes cuz that just seems wasteful, but I can't decide if it makes more sense to keep the oxfords which are on trend now or the sandals, which will be good for Spring (I've been heavily reviewing the Spring '09 shoe trends and I think they will work). What do you think? HELP!
Yet another dilemna is what to do with my hair. The roots are growing out and brunettes were big for fall, but do I go brunette or keep it blonde? It looks like blonde is big for spring and it would be much easier to keep it blonde than try to go back. Here's a pic of me last weekend (you can see the roots a bit). Thoughts?


geri 10:31 PM  

totally exhausting!