Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What I did last weekend

This is Gloria. I met her on Saturday morning when my neighbor kindly drove me and the Hus up to the Tenderloin in SF to hand out donuts and coffee to some homeless and otherwise needy people. We basically just hung out with them, talked for awhile, prayed for them if they wanted it, and generally gave out goodwill.

Some highlights: 1) I was to stay grounded despite my station in life to the plight of those less fortunate, 2) I learned for the 3rd time this week to take time for people and listen to them--they have the most interesting stories, 3) I LOVED talking to people in such different places in life than me. It makes me appreciate what I have and also be reminded that I could just as easily end up where they are. Bad things happen: job losses, mental disorders, other problems. It also reminded me that everyone needs someone to listen to. Also shocking, the poorer people are, the more likely they are to believe in God. I swear everyone brought God into it, before I even did. Then again, it's usually churches handing stuff out in that area...

And, the kicker, the biggest highlight of all: 4) I got to see my very first (and hopefully last) crack pipe...

No, I wasn't smoking it! I handed a lady a donut and she said, "God is so good! I was praying for something like this and then you guys showed up! Just before I was about to smoke this crack pipe, too" she said as she lifted it up to show me, like it was a cigarette. I admit I didn't get a GREAT glimpse of it, before she put it away, but it was still the closest I've ever been to crack.

It was interesting and rewarding and I want to work with homeless people every day. I want to be right there with these people in the trenches, living with them, and helping them every day. How do I do that, I wonder?

Photo: Jonathon Reyes