Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Whoa, dude... I just stalked myself

So, I got an email today from a list I'm on called "Urban Daddy." They had info about this new website called 123people.com. Apparently, you type in a name and a location and you can find everything about a person that is on the Internet in one spot.

I'm a big fan of stalking people that I know (or don't) to find out more about them on the Internet. So, in the interest of fairness, I stalked myself and I found an article that mentions my name! How weird is that? I didn't even know that I was in this article, but I am SUPER flattered because it's written by my major professor in grad school, Glenn Sparks, who I apparently wowed with my research. Anyway, it mentions the research and on the website for his book no less, which I LOVED and you all should get. The name of the article writer is Dr. Will Miller, but Glenn was the co-author and I was Glenn's co-author on the research, so it must be written by him under Will's name by accident... anyway...

Read it all here.