Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Love. Fashion.

As you know, I love fashion, sooooo, I thought I'd share some fun fashion stuff with ya. It's totally random, but my mind is in a random place today.

RAD DEALS RIGHT NOW! sample sale - up to 90% off designer stuff and, um, it's amazing. Seriously. I got the email about it today from billion dollar babes AND Yoox, so I would get there fast.

These, I've mentioned before, but you must sign up for them. They have random stuff going all the time, usually for one or two days, but all extremely huge designer names: - best for apparel and accessories for men, women, and children from really high-end designer names like Chloe, Valentino, John Varvatos, Marc Jacobs, etc. - seems to have a spattering of high- to low-end designers in everything from housewares to luggage to apparel for men and women. Right now they have a Wolford sale! YAY! Tights! - While I think they would technically have sales for anything, they seem to have a sales mainly in accessories and jewelry.

And, my new favorite site for shopping is Racked LA! It's soooo much fun! If you are going to be heading to LA, definitely check them out. And, check them out anyway, because lots of stuff is online, too. There's also a Racked NY (which I'm guessing is the original). I hope they branch into a Racked SF, soon! Keep me posted if you hear anything!

Oh yeah, also loving Who What Wear Daily!


Anonymous 12:39 PM is another really great one. I check their webzine every morning. They have a lot of myi favorite designers and really great deals, up to 75% off! You don't need an invite like a lot of the other ones too.