Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oi Vey and L.A.

Soooooo... This week and last weekend I've been totally and utterly devoted to finishing my dress for my sewing class. I'm making the one above, Vogue 8280. Let me tell you, this puppy is NOT easy, as it states. I mean, I have some sewing knowledge, otherwise why would I be in an advanced class, but I ran into some serious snafus. For one, I wanted to line the bottom half. Um, yeah, tried that and failed oh so miserably. That set me back a lot. 

I altered the pattern a bit to make it wider around the hips and I must have forgotten to do something because the bottom half totally does not match the top half. It really doesn't bug ME all that much, but somehow the fit is all weird and I'm just hoping a LOT that my teacher can help me tonight... *sigh*

I've been spending all my time on this thing trying to make it look all nice. I got confused and forgot to make my seams French seams so I guess I'll be doing a mock French by hand on the way to LA next weekend. Along with the hem and zipper by hand, too. Why by hand? Well, it's easier than taking my sewing machine in the car for something to do for the 5-6 hour drive. I'll be gone all weekend and won't have time to work on my dress at home, which is due Tuesday along with a sample I won't have time to make!

ACK! And I wanted to have a handbag made before I went... So I could show it off... argh... Of course, I did finish two sweaters in the last couple of weeks, so I'll be posting those soon (once they really are done) as well as the pics of my parents' visit. If you don't hear from me for awhile, I'm just trying to get it all done. And, next week is Fresh Faces in Fashion!!!!! YAY!!!! Stay tuned for that!