Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recycled Couture Dress Pics!

I had class last night and, while there, I snuck over to where the contest entries were and snapped some photos with my cell phone. My entry is made of vintage ties and one Indian garment. The Indian garment had sleeves and was a bit long with a royal blue dip-dye at the bottom. I cut it off and used it to make ruffles and used the lining to make more ruffles. It's rather colorful and busy. I suppose you have to have an appreciation for the busy, but if you do, then you will probably like this dress. Details below. Enjoy!

My entry is in the middle. Front (above) and Back (below). Note ties at bottom and waist.

Up close: Front. Flower on top front is made of several ties pieced together. Same motif as ones on bottom of dress. Ruffles at waist are made of the bottom part of the Indian garment. The dip-dyed part that was royal blue and 2 ties sewn together to make the belted area. Neckline is original, but armholes and neck extending around the back (the navy blue with stripes) is a tie added like bias binding around the edge. 

Back up close. Belt showing both ties. Back peice is ruffles made from the lining of the bottom of the Indian garment with 2 ties layered on each other. Back strip (right above belt) is elastic.