Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Help! In search of fashionista friends!

Help! I live in Silicon Valley! I work with Engineers! I'm a fashionista trapped in a nerdy job! ACK!

You people have been telling me for years to get into the fashion industry, so, okay, I will. Fine. 

But here's a thought: it's really hard to remain fashionable and to have the latest scoop on fashion when you live in a fashion-devoid place and work among people who, while hopefully admiring your fashion sense also say you look, "like you are going to a party." Hmm... is this good for a professional, engineering environment? 

You know I'm pursuing fashion design on the side. You know I have this blog. You know I subscribe to nearly every fashion magazine in existence. You know I live, eat, breath, and sleep everything about fashion. You know I'm exploring my options for a fashion career.

And yet, I have no friends that care about fashion! Sure, I've tried to recruit people, but they just don't seem to care! I've met a few in my fashion classes, but I don't see them every day.

So... this is an open call to new, fashionable friends! I know you are out there! I see you on the streets of San Francisco and at the mall sometimes and occasionally, when I go to lunch. And I know there's at least 2 people in this 1000-person organization that I've seen that seem to care about what they wear. I know you are out there, but where are you? Do you congregate somewhere? Do I just need to get a job where everyone is obsessed with it as I am? 

In the meantime, I'll stay up-to-date online and seek inspiration that way. :-)