Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In search of the perfect boot...

Photo credit: ifonlyfashion
Must. Have. Tribute. Boot. Don't. Have. $1200.


I found these gorgeous babies on Ebay here. They are so pretty! I'm going to Fresh Faces in Fashion SF next week and I want them for that! Please! Pretty Please! 

I bought some great booties awhile back and I've been wearing them so far this fall, but I am still searching for the perfect, perfect boot for under $50. Just perfect. Like, no flaws. I am all about buying the Tribute knockoffs around the same price range and I'm so, so tempted to splurge. So tempted... But I can't. 

And, if I don't do it soon I'm gonna miss the boot bandwagon... Ahh the perils of the bargain fashionista. I must have the latest fashion, but I hold out until I can get it for the right price. Any tips on how to A) get over that or B) Get a knockoff for CHEAP?