Friday, October 03, 2008

For your weekend... Stuff I made last weekend!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been experimenting with vinyl lately and this is my first project! Yes, I know it looks like some kind of old bag that I bought at a thrift store, which has to do with the vinyl. But, it's not. I made it all myself! My own design, all my own sewing, recycled a silk shirt for the handle lining, I recycled an old handbag handle for the claspie thing and I pounded the grommet myself! Inside features three open pockets and a metallic clasp. YAY!

Comfortor/duvet cover. Yep. I made it myself! This side features fabric I had left over in an attempt to save costs on this. I just wanted something relatively quick and easy. You might recognize some fabrics from dresses I've made. :-) The other side is a red sheet. At the bottom, I used 6 big black buttons to get the comforter in it. 

Now it's on to tending to the parents' visit while working on a dress restyle, a shirt restyle, the dress for my class, and my homework. WHEW!