Monday, October 13, 2008

New shoes (channeling the YSL Tribute) and Recent Stuff

These lovely ladies are the newest addition to my shoe closet. I've been working hard on cleaning it out and I found these today at DSW for $59.99 + $10 off coupon = $50! The cheapest I can find them online is $87 and they only had 2 sizes in the store. Apparently these are hard to find and were worn by Amanda in an episode of Ugly Betty that aired in January of this year... I found all this out online when I was seeing if I could find them cheaper somewhere else. I usually do that when I find a good deal at DSW. And, my oh my were they having deals! Boy... I haven't bought new pumps in awhile. All my old ones are looking gross compared to the pretty new styles. 

I know these don't look exactly like the YSL Tributes, but they are darn close, especially in person. Guess by Marciano has some excellent close matches. I'm having trouble finding them online, but, trust me, they are there. I was in a Guess outlet this weekend and saw some that look like the YSL tribute ankle boot! YUM! 

At any rate, I'm gearing up for the SF Fresh Faces in Fashion show that I'll be going to in less than a month and a few parties, including an  an opening of a new store on Maiden Lane in SF, and an exhibit at the DeYoung Museum of YSL! Can you believe it?! I'm very excited. I hope to have completed some excellent handbags by that time so I can wear one and show it off. I need to print some cards and get that store started... sigh... So much to do!

At any rate, I think I'll probably be wearing these shoes or something similar to the show. Either that or some ankle boots of mine... what do you think? I need some help here! I feel fashion clueless all of a sudden. I want to both wear the cool, hot thing (on a budget), but also wear what I like and is my style and passion. Confidence + fashion... Ideas?