Wednesday, October 01, 2008


So, lately, I've been doing the following (I promise I'll have pics up soon. Blasted computer is giving me trouble right now--stupid Picasa 3):

1. Experimenting with Vinyl! YEAH! No, not like LPs. Like fake leather. I finished my first vinyl project this weekend and it looks rather like I bought it at a thrift store, not that I just made it. Not sure how I feel about that yet...

2. Made a pieced bedspread. That's right. Pieced. Not quilted as I was so quickly corrected. But pieced, which is apparently the same as "quilting" with the exception that it is not "quilted." i.e. I took random scraps of fabric and sewed them into an anthropologie-looking quilted-looking cover for my duvet.

3. Restyling a white collared men's shirt. I was inspired by Craftster and Elle magazine (see pics below).

4. Getting an internship. Or, at least, looking for one for Saturdays...