Friday, September 05, 2008

Fed up with the election!

Hi, faithful readers. I know I have transgressed by not writing in awhile. I will update you on what I've been up to very, very soon.

However, I must take a moment to say that I am FED UP WITH THIS DAMN ELECTION!

Pardon my swearing. Pardon my outburst of emotion, but I can't believe how much crap this nation puts up with in our media. Journalism has been reduced to ridiculous fake news lower than the British tabloids (which, by the way, they admit is fake). Our news media speculates the hell out of things so much that they MAKE news with their opinions. 

I can't believe I live in a country that would be okay with this kind of ridiculousness. That's why I am boycotting ALL TV news until after the election. I don't want to see, hear, or read ANYTHING that's spin. Even NPR can't help it. They are still forced to cover the spin when it makes headlines. So, whenever I hear about election coverage, I'm simply going to change my radio. If I see a headline on a newspaper about the election, I'm not going to buy it, read it, or even pick it up. It's like poison, infecting our nation.

I hearby declare myself ON STRIKE against all election coverage in 2008, with one exception--fake news (The Daily Show and Colbert Report)--the only news I can trust. 

Who's with me?


emily 6:52 PM  

down with lame election commercials!