Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blasted work. Blasted vintage patterns.

So... it's been awhile, yes, I know. I apologize. The reason is I've been insanely busy at work. I've worked until 10pm and 1am respectively on Monday and Tuesday this week. Last night I cancelled my plans so I could clean up my house and get crap done! I have been STREEEEESSED out!

On Tuesday I began my intermediate sewing class at CaƱada college. I am SUPER excited! We are going to learn all kinds of things and create samples of them for our teacher to look at and grade. I'll learn what I'm doing wrong, what I need to do better, etc. It's thrilling! Our first assignment is so fun. We have to go through our closet and get rid of old stuff (I do this anyway and LOVE it) then make new outfits and try them on (again, I'd do this anyway!) then figure out what we need and get a pattern and fabric appropriate for the fabric to fill in our wardrobe! It's like I'm "required" to do stuff I'd already do for fun, including buy fabric and patterns (oh darn!). And I'm both pushed to do stuff I wouldn't normally do, and I get guidance in doing it (rather than having to figure it out myself and become frustrated). Hallelujah!

Update on me: Last weekend I made a bunch of stuff from my own patterns, including a chair cover and a restyled shirt. I can't wait to show them to you, but it'll have to wait for now. I'm trying to get some gifts made for my in-laws, who I'll be seeing in a week. Don't worry, I'll get pictures out of what I made for them, too. Very, very soon.

And, I'm getting a new sewing machine! YAY! You ask, "Didn't you just get one?" Well, yes, but I bought the cheaper model with fewer features thinking I wouldn't really use it that much and that I wouldn't need the nicer features. I also planned for it to last me 15-20 years. However, it turns out I do need some of those features and would probably have to upgrade in the next 5 years. The place where I bought the machine has a deal where if you buy the lower model, you can do a trade-in for the full value of what you paid for a higher model for up to one year. As a present to myself for paying off all our debt and saving up 3 months expenses, I'm allowing myself to upgrade. The store is having a sale this weekend and they are letting me trade in for the sale price! woo hoo! So, it's a great deal and good timing all around. I think I'm gonna get it today. YAY!