Friday, May 04, 2007

The hardest part is now over

Now marks the end of the Goodbyes...

Aaron and I have officially had 4 going away parties:
1 Family
1 Friends
1 At Work
1 At Bible Study

I've had tons of people say goodbye, given tons of hugs, made special visits just to say hello to old friends who I never see... I've recieved presents, calls, greetings, well wishes, and contact information. People are eternally sad. And, yet, while I feel sad to go, I am still in denial about going--even after I had my last day at work, packed up all my belongings (total time approxiamately 12 hours), watched the movers move them into the truck, cleaned my apartment top to bottom, and loaded up both cars ready to start our journey tomorrow. I still just feel like I'm going on vacation, especially because I will not be getting there for a week yet and we are stopping so many places on the way.

And yet everyone else believes it!

But this makes the goodbyes really hard because it's so hard to believe myself. It's so weird to think I'm done with work at Ontario Systems...!

Below you'll find some selected pictures of the parties, goodbyes, and the last of the items in our apartment today when the movers were close to being done. If you want to see more, click on the link on the right to my photos. I've also added some pictures from our trips to San Jose and San Francisco. Enjoy!

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