Sunday, May 06, 2007

Leg 1: To St. Louis

The drive was uneventful, but the night was very interesting!

The drive was 5 hours from Muncie and went very, very fast. It wasn't too terrible taking the two cars (for more photos I took while on the road and in St. Louis, see the photos in the My Photos link on the right).

The poor kitty did okay. He was nice and drugged, though, which kept him calm

We stayed with Aaron's cousing Ryan and his wife, Ashley. It was her birthday so we went out to dinner with them and their friends. We went to a restaurant called (we think) Roadhouse 67, or maybe it was 61... anyway, something like that. Apparently the number is the number of a road that runs from New Orleans to St. Louis and the restaurant serves food that represents most spots on the road. So, there is Cajun food, Southern food, and St. Louis food. After that we went to a bar where we found the above local beer for $1!

St. Louis was a very pretty place with lots of Southern architecture. I was surprised. It reminded me both of an older, industrial city like Pittsburgh or Cincinatti mixed with regal Southern plantations... very pretty.
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