Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election Day!

Even though this election cycle was the worst thing ever and I can't wait for it to be over, I'm excited and happy that we have a woman on the ballot for the first time in US history!

And, I've moved from sadness mostly to some anger. And also today overall I feel good. I got some sleep, my appetite is back (hooray!), I'm starting to feel like I can handle my life again.

Sadly, though, not everyone in my broken family is there. The kids, of course, need so much right now. More than I can give them. My (soon to be ex) DH is still in the sadness phase of grief. He's getting treatment and wants more of a chance to show how he's changed, but I cannot do it. I wish I could. I really, really do. But I can't. And, like, me he wants to minimize the impact on the kids. And we are trying to figure out ways to do that.

At any rate, Happy Election Day! Go Vote! Even if it's not for a woman!