Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy VERY Belated Mother's Day

I've been thinking for months about what I wanted to say for Mother's
day. Then it came and went and I said nothing because I was so darn
busy. I have been a terrible blogger lately but I realize I don't
actually care so I'll blog when I get around to it.

I cannot explain how much I have learned in the last 2 years of being
a mother. It has changed my life dramatically. I can manage many
things and have learned how to prioritize and let things go. It's
possible I've learned how to actually act like an adult and react with
my brain instead of my emotions. I now have no issues with making
sandwiches or slicing apples for my daughter or literally running to
get her things even though I was laying lazily on the couch. While I
may not always be confident about my parenting I have become more
competent and confident about life in general which is something I've
been striving for for years!

I think the biggest shock is the realization that the things I do
every day have a direct impact on molding my daughter into who she is.
On one hand it feels like an incredible responsibility. On the other,
I feel very fortunate to be able to raise her the way I want to. I see
how little things can foster independence in her and how I affect her
beliefs. And I see how I can (and probably will) screw it up.

A final point that is not to be missed: I have a new appreciation for
mothers everywhere. I now know that judgement of other mothers and
their parenting styles is just silly. Every mother is doing her best
to get through the day, survive, and mold those young minds. We are
all going to screw up, but we are all trying our best. No one is the
perfect mother and there is no reason to feel bad about that or blame
each other. It is every reason to lift each other up, encourage each
other, and appreciate the women in our lives who are committed enough
to doing everything for us until we are old enough to do it ourselves.
Who care more about us than we could ever know. Who know us better
than we may know ourselves.

Happy belated mother's day to all the magnificent mothers in my life.
You are truly amazing women and deserve the highest praise and


Anonymous 7:50 PM  

I love the baby brown bow pullover but can't connect to acrobat and get a message that the site is not responding. I am using the Ravelry site.
Thanks Ginny