Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Many Travels

In the month of September I travelled back and forth between 3 time
zones twice. Once with the whole family for a wedding and once last
week for business to the surprisingly beautiful Hershey, PA (photo).

I'm so glad it over. All that travel was stressful and threw me off.
All of a sudden it's October! However now that I'm finally feeling
settled in the new house and have stability in job and living
situation (and all our close family is married off, meaning no more
Midwest travel for awhile), I feel like I can relax and enjoy my
family and the holidays to come. We probably won't be traveling which
means time at home working on the house or doing other fun family
stuff. And maybe, just maybe I can taper off the klonopin... Travel
taught me some interesting things about sleep and the great news is
that I am handling sleep deprivation like a normal person now. Hooray!
Lots of good going on. What a relief!