Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby Language!

My big girl is starting to say lots of words, with pronunciations that range from hilarious to adorable. I thought I'd share some of them with you:

foon = food

cumcum = cucumber

peam = cream

knee = boo boo (her first boo boo was on her knee and she didn't yet know the word boo boo, but she could say knee. Thus all boo boos have now become "knees". hehe)

mama = banana or mama

yeh whoa = yellow

thit = sit

titty (hehe) = kitty

mock = milk

beebee = baby doll

jew thee = juice

teetee = thirsty

peace = please

cheeth = cheese

pahtah = pasta

She can also say: come, back, down, up, uh-oh, walk, yeah, no, bath, wash, book, hug, ball, bubble (her first big word) and lots more! Most of these have hand motions too. Too cute!

I love baby language!