Friday, August 05, 2011

Platforms, Flares, Furniture, and Fun!

I just love my child. Yep. I'm obsessed. I'm also obsessed with flare pants. I tried some one for the first time this week at Old Navy. They have several different kind: Slim, mini, and retro. It was weird putting them on. I realized how long it has been since I wore a giant bell-bottom pant. I love them, but I gotta say, I might actually have a hard time letting go of skinny jeans...

Then I have the issue of what shoes to wear? Platforms undeniably are best with flares (oh so retro! Love it, even if they're giving me 90's flashbacks). I haven't really been in the mood to wear heels that much anymore - the mood has reduced with the number of hills I have to walk up and down in them daily or carry them with me (either my feet or my shoulders suffer). So, what is the logical next step? Flatforms!! Finally we can get some less pricey ones from Jeffrey Campbell for under $200. Hopefully soon we'll be able to get them for really cheap! Oxfords are nice, too... really obsessed with them right now. I know, I'm SO behind the times.

Next on the list. Furniture. I got an arc lamp. I ordered some couches. I need to make curtains. Can't wait to show you the final result! It's going to be amazing! Got a new comforter for the bed, an entryway mirror. Oh man, things are shaping up!