Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today I Would So Much Rather Be Knitting!!

Lately I've been on a shoe craze. I received a lovely and generous bonus from work and my husband and I decided to split a small percentage of it (most of it went to savings) for things for ourselves. Well, duh, I bought shoes. Well, mostly boots. If you know me, you know that I have a sort of boot obsession. I recently cleaned out the boot closet, revealing only the best and brightest (and most expensive) ones that I loved and wore all the time.

So, naturally, now that times are a-changin' I had to replenish the boot closet with new, beautiful shoes that reflect my personality, style, and the latest trends. So here is what I bought:

Dolce Vita:

Jeffrey Campbell (OMG SO CUTE):

Jeffrey Campbell (decided I loved his stuff I needed another pair):

Jeffrey Campbell (became obsessed with JC and decided I needed to own every shoe he made, apparently). The ones I got are a slightly different color, but you get the idea:

And today is the first day I've worked in 5 and I would so much rather be home knitting and sewing. I have this fantasy that I have a small business handmaking cute kids clothes and accessories and selling them at craft fairs and art things then someday selling so many that I sell at boutiques and Nordstrom and, yeah.... well, anyway, seems a lot nicer than sitting at a computer all day. Although I love love love my job.