Thursday, January 06, 2011

Accomplishments of 2010

So I know it's a teeny bit late for a "reflections" post, but I'm going to do one anyway. Last year, I saw the biggest changes of my entire life and I'd like to note what I accomplished in 2010 in no particular order:
1. Finished making a bunch of baby stuff.
2. Finished making a baby using my uterus.
3. Pushed a 7 lb, 13 oz baby out of my uterus.
4. Used my boobs to feed and continue growing my baby until she was 10 months old (longer, but she only got as old as 10 months in 2010). She hasn't had any formula, even though there have been a couple occasions when we considered it (i.e. we didn't rule it out, just never had to use it, thus she's "pure" hehe).
5. Published my first (albeit slightly crappy) public sewing pattern on the Internet.
6. Finished making 3 nursing tops and a nursing bra.
7. Made about 14 baby hats for friends and charity.
8. Darned at least 12 socks.
9. Made a bunch of nursing pads for fun and then gave them to charity.
10. Made 3 wrap shirts.
11. Shopped for a new wardrobe, then lost another 15 lbs and then shopped for another one (!)
12. Knitted and crocheted 5 pairs of legwarmers for Amelia and some other babies as gifts.
13. Knitted mittens for Amelia out of necessity.
14. Started knitting another pair of mittens for Amelia because the first ones aren't really very good.
15. Crocheted a blanket for my nephew.
16. Crocheted and knitted 9 Colts hats for my in-laws and my nephew for Christmas.
17. Crocheted 3 scrap scarves and sent them to friends and family as gifts.
18. Completed a pattern alteration to the wrap top to make it a wrap dress, but never got a chance to make it.
19. Held 2 clothing swaps at my house.
20. Sewed 4 roll-up organizers.
21. Stepped up my organizing of a sewing group, but then had to leave it because we moved.
22. Moved.
23. Got a new job.
24. Learned that I have PPD (well, PPA, technically) and attended a PPD IO program.
25. Fought with the insurance company over 4 separate doctors/therapist charges to get both them and me better deals.
26. Attended another PPD support group.
27. Saw 6 psychiatrists and 6 therapists and took 9 medications for post-partum ailments.
28. Took a road trip all up and down the Northwestern coast while Amelia was 2 months old. Saw sights and family we'd never seen before.
29. Took a trip to Indiana to see family, attend a wedding, and dedicate Amelia.
30. Posted countless pictures for friends and family so they can see the baby.
31. Skyped many times to keep in touch with friends and family and so they can see how the baby is growing.
32. Taught my baby sign language.
33. Lost 40 lbs.
34. Joined 2 gyms.
35. Put 2 offers on a house (didn't get it, thankfully!).
36. Performed various domestic duties such as cleaning, cooking, baking, and more.
37. Started knitting a sweater for myself.
38. Kept in touch with my friends and attended multiple parties events and somehow maintained a social life while working, taking care of, and nursing a baby.
Probably more (and definitely more in my career), but that's all I can think of now!