Monday, May 24, 2010

Vancouver, BC Fashion

So, in keeping with my vacation theme, I must comment on the fashion in Vancouver.

One brand describes the fashion in Vancouver, which makes sense, since it was born and raised (and still lives) there: Lulu Lemon.

I'm not a huge fan of gymwear as daywear, but I gotta say, Vancouver manages to pull it off. Everyone seems to be wearing something by Lulu Lemon and, if not, have worked in some other kind of yoga-y gymwear-y component into their outfit.

The most noticeable thing about Vancouver fashion is the shoes. Hardly anyone wears heels! Even the most fashionable of outfits were paired with flats. It seems that Vancouver residents identify with comfort over fashion in most cases, and in the best cases comfort AND fashion. That also makes sense since Vancouver seems to be the most active city I've ever seen. Everyone seems to walk, bike, or take public transport over driving.

In keeping with this theme I spent a few hours at the Lulu Lemon factory store in Burnaby and I wasn't all that impressed with the prices, however, I am now VERY impressed with the clothes. I had no idea gymwear could double as streetwear, but it can and it's so cute and it's *almost* worth the extra expense. What do you think?