Monday, March 08, 2010

I can fit into jeans!!

So, I'm one week out from having my baby. This time last week I was in labor. AND, I'm able to fit into normal people jeans! WAHOO! Now, granted, they are the pants I bought to wear through my 4th month of pregnancy, but I tried them on 4 days ago and couldn't squeeze into them, and I was getting worried that the only pants I'd be able to wear for awhile would be maternity ones, so I'm thrilled that I can wedge myself into these!

I've been measuring my hips and waist and I'm losing about an inch or so a day (or at least I was), so at that rate, I should be hopefully able to fit into my normal clothes fairly soon. i can wear normal shirts now, but mostly that's not helpful since I would probably get milk all over them. Nursing changes everything in the upper area! Nursing tops are a lifesaver.


Bethany 4:19 PM  

oh, my how do you lose an inch a day? Probably nursing, right?