Monday, September 28, 2009

A Lovely Maternity Coat

If I haven't ranted about it yet, you knew it was coming soon--the ever present complaint about the lack of cute, fashionable maternity clothes. I'm very rapidly outgrowing most of my regular clothes. Even clothes I thought would fit no longer do because of my larger bra size.

So, I have been trying and trying with minimal luck at finding maternity patterns. Sure didn't find anything great. Then, I remembered I had a stash of Burda magazines (the kind that contains patterns) at home and found one that had some maternity patterns in it! While the styles in there weren't exactly fashionable, they were very classic and one pattern I was thrilled to find, was a coat pattern.

It is actually a jacket pattern, but I think I can make it out of thin enough coat material for it to work. Plus, I can line it a bit to make it warmer for my trip to Indiana at Christmas. Here is the inspiration I'm drawing from in making it. I'm hoping to make it in a soft, green coating material, underlined with silk organza, interlined with wool jersey, and lined with cotton (what the pattern calls for). I may end up lining it with something smoother due to all the bulk it could potentially have.

Just look at these lovely coats for fall 2010. Hopefully I can make it look like a maternity version of these:

Ahh... Chanel...

Burberry: always a classic!